Livestock Guardian Dogs

A good LGD is worth their weight in gold. Here in the Ozark Mountains we have  wild hogs, black bears, mountain lions, bob cats and coyotes. We currently have four LGDs on our property. We plan on breeding our girls in the future so we will have puppies available to working homes.


Meet the crew



Clyde is an awesome dog. His sire was full Akbash and his mother was half  Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian. He is 120lbs of pure muscle. He is a little shy with strangers but very sweet. He is out with his sister Bonnie full time in my doe goat pen. He is a trustworthy dog that takes his job seriously. He is always the first one to dash out into the night to investigate a noise. He is fierce with predators but gentle with kids both human and goat. He is sensitive and really only needs a gentle verbal correction to redirect him. I could not be happier having Clyde as a part of our team.



Bonnie is Clydes full sister and partner in crime. She is a wonderful dog with a sweet friendly temperament. She is the perfect compliment to Clyde with her close guarding style. She enjoys hanging with the does in the barn and is always the first dog begging to be petted.



Annie is our Komondor LGD. She is a pure bred Komondor from working parents but she is not registered  She has a sweet soft gentle nature that puts al the animals at ease. She is everyones favorite dog and a joy to have on the farm.  We hope to breed Annie at some point in the future if her hips pass OFA.



Luna is our registered Akbash Livestock Guardian Dog. She is an intense dog that takes her job seriously. With her sight hound influence nothng gets past her. She is hyper vigilant and fast as lightning. Luna has a gentle temperament with humans and an unsurpassed love for her family. Luna is our buck pen protector and enjoys hanging out with her sometimes stinky companions.