MCH Cozy Acres Idaho Spud

Photo taken at two years of age


Photo courtesy of Hootnanny Acres

Dam: Bells Goats Da Ja Vue


Photo courtesy of Hootnanny Acres

Sire: MCH Cozy Acres Dakota


Photo courtesy of Hootnanny Acres

About Spud


 A special thank you to Betty of Hootnanny Acres for allowing their beloved spud to join our herd. I absolutely adore Spud. He is super laid back and gentle. He has a super thick shiny single length coat. His neck hair thickness and length is exceptional. He is a beautiful champagne color with black overlay. I saw a photo of Spud in the silky show history and it was love at first sight. He is such a special boy and I cannot wait to see the kids he will produce.



Photos courtesy of Hootanny Acres , Cozy Acres, Bell's Goats, Yellow Rose of Texas Show, Rocky Mountain Fainting Goat Ol' Ephriam Mini Silky Show